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6 Week Fitness Challenge

Starts August 8th

This Fitness challenge is perfect for you 

You want to build muscle & look leaner 

You want to get stronger & feel more energized

You want to fix bad posture & fix muscle imbalances

You want to improve mobility & flexibility

It’s also great for you if …

You’re tired of never reaching your fitness goals

You’re tired of restrictive diet plans and unsustainable workout programs

You’re in constant pain due to bad posture & living sedentary lifestyle

You lack knowledge on proper form & recovery techniques

Perfect program for all fitness levels 

(beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

One of the most common complaints I hear from people ages 25+ is that they’re in pain from bad posture & muscle imbalances. Most of you reading this are dealing with both and its important to fix both if you want to reach your fitness goals. If you have bad posture, muscle imbalances and poor mobility you wont be able to perform exercises correctly. You wont be able to build strength equally on both sides and that can lead to injury. This program is more than just about building muscle & getting leaner. This program focuses on the main issues a lot of us deal with that affect our day to day life & fitness goals.

What you’ll get out of this fitness program…

If you commit to the program you will end up getting  stronger, leaner, and more mobile.

If you commit to the program you will have more energy, build confidence & be in a better mood. 

This program is full of knowledge that you can take with you and utilize during your entire health and fitness journey.

What’s included in this challenge 

6 week workout program created to improve muscle imbalances, fix posture, & strengthen core.

Customized nutrition guide based on your weight/physique goals.

Full body mobility routine

Full body foam rolling routine 

Full body stretching routine 

Access to a community Facebook group where you can connect with others in the challenge. 

Weekly message check ins 

Access to me for any questions, requests, or concerns. 

Access to my training app where you’ll receive the 6 week program

Access to video demos for every workout and routine in the 6 week program

Access to all app features to help you stay on track and motivated 

How it works…

Once you sign up you will receive all the sign up forms via email within 12 hours. There will be a link to the app so you can create your profile.

After you set up your profile I will reach out with a nutrition questioner. I will also send more information on the challenge and the link to the Facebook group.

I will schedule the workouts starting August 8th and send over the nutrition guide 2 days before the start date.

Once we start I will be in touch on a daily basis via Facebook group. In depth check ins will be done every Friday or Saturday. Nutrition guide will be adjusted based on the weekly check ins.

I will share yummy recipes, live workouts, tips, motivate and check in via Facebook group. 

Summer Challenge copy: Welcome
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